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Wuxi Datang will attend 2020 Sharjah SteelFab
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Steel Fab, the UAE's Sharjah Steel and Metal Processing Trade Fair, is the largest professional exhibition in the Middle East, mainly involving steel processing and metal processing. The first was held in 2004. Since the first successful exhibition, the number of exhibitors and the exhibition area and the variety of exhibits have steadily increased.

STEEL FAB is also highly regarded by the metal and steel processing industry and is recognized as the best platform to enter the Middle East and the UAE market. STEEL FAB has also become the most influential show to enter the Middle East Gulf region and the UAE market.

In the past exhibition exhibitors and spectators are very satisfied with the effect and service of the exhibition and give high praise. More than 700 brands have come from 32 countries and different regions to attend the exhibition. During the exhibition, chinese exhibitors, who were well-received by the visitors, thought the exhibition had a noticeable effect, and some of the exhibitors were directly interviewed by their future partners to bring back samples of the goods requested by their customers, which allowed chinese exhibitors to bring the goods to the cooperating enterprises before the end of the exhibition and reach a strategic unity. Most exhibitors consider the exhibition to be professional and effective.

The Shaga Steel and Metal Processing Exhibition in the United Arab Emirates, held annually by the Shapo Centre Sharjah, a company of the Sharjah Exhibition Centre in the United Arab Emirates, is also a very important platform for enterprises to open up the market in the United Arab Emirates.

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