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Oerlikon – USA (Global 500)
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Oerlikon is a world-famous high-tech company committed to machine and system engineering. Oerlikon stands for leading industrial solutions, cutting-edge textile production technologies, film coating, drive system and precision and vacuum technologies used in aerospace, space suits and other most advanced fields. Oerlikon is a Swiss company with more than 100 years of history. It achieved sales of 4.8 billion Swiss francs. Today, Oerlikon has 170 branches in 35 countries around the world and more than 19,000 employees including 1,200 or more topnotch researchers and scientists devoted to future innovation technologies. As a transnational enterprise, Oerlikon boasts a growth rate significantly higher than the average market one in its corresponding business fields. Oerlikon (China) is a wholly-owned subsidiary invested by Oerlikon in Suzhou with 60 million US dollars, whose business scope involves textile and drive system. The textile system with products covering the entire supply chain of the textile industry provides comprehensive textile machine and equipment solutions for textile mills and sets up new international standards for textile production constantly; while in term of drive system, Oerlikon (China) is the world’s major supplier of complete drive systems, gear parts and single transmission components. Its products include complete solutions for high-performing car drive systems, all wheel-driven cars and farm tractors, also planet-gear speed reducers and gear parts.

Leading-edge technology solutions provided by Oerlikon Group allow customers to gain decisive advantages in the end-user market – no matter the industrial customer, commercial customer or individual end-consumer market. For example, in order to succeed, Sony, Bosch, CMC, Kraft Foods, Ferrari, RIL and Caterpillar all use Oerlikon’s production technologies and components to make their high-tech products including solar modules, cars, computers, machine tools, jeans, shirts, oil platforms and tires. And all F1 racing engines use Oerlikon’s high elastic coating to improve performance. About 60% strings used in industrial blanket are made by Oerlikon textile equipment; and the world’s currently most advanced solar components are also produced by Oerlikon film coating plants. 

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