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Datang attends the 2013 Russia International Welding and Cutting Fair
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Datang attended the 2013 Russia International Welding and Cutting Fair held in Russia Moscow International Expo Center in October 2013. On the fair, Datang not only exhibited its H-shaped steel production line, turning rolls, welding positioners and all kinds of welding machines, but also made more insider friends, laying a solid foundation for further developing Russian market.

Date: Oct. 8, 2013 – Oct. 11, 2013
City: Moscow
Venue: ECO Center Sokolniki
Exhibition Hall: Moscow International Exhibition Center
Brief Introduction to WELDEX: The 1st WELDEX was held successfully in 2001. It is currently Russia’s largest and most professional UFI-certified welding expo and also one of the most influential expos in the world welding field. In last expo, about 600 brands from 198 exhibitions of ten countries (the United Kingdom, China, Turkey, Italy, Mexico, Germany, Australia, Ukraine, Sweden and Russia) joined and more than 7,000 professional viewers visited. The total exhibition area reached 23,000 square meters spreading in two indoor exhibition halls and an outdoor plaza, of which the booths account for more than 8,500 square meters. About 85 percent viewers were intent to purchase the exhibitors and 96 percent thought that it was worth attending.

Welding equipment: Electrical arc and a variety of arc welding, resistance welding, electron beam welding, electroslag welding, plasma welding, laser welding, brazing welding, fusion welding, surfacing, gas welding, welding sets, welding robots and other related equipment, welding and auxiliary machines and tools.
Cutting equipment: plasma cutting machine, CNC flame cutting machine, laser cutting machine, flame cutting machines, end enclosure automatic cutting machine, welding positioner, laser marking machine, CNC cutting machine, automatic cutting equipment, etc.  


Welding materials: Electrodes, flux, solder wire, welding agent, solder paste, welding materials, brazing filler metal, etc.

Welding parts & accessories: Welding gun, welding torch, protective cover, electrodes, ceramic parts, insulating parts, flow machine, gas mixer, wire and cable, labor protection and safety, thermal spraying equipment; welding equipment, welding tools, automated manipulators, turning roll, fixtures, etc.

Electrical Elements of Welders: All kinds of power electronic devices, modules, gas welding equipment, gas cutting equipment, etc. Weld joint inspection instruments: Weld joint fault detector, weld joint metallographical profiler, nondestructive testing equipment, etc.

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