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Why choose our welding equipment

WUXI DATANG WELDING&CUTTING MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD specialized in welding equipment and H-beam production line. Our company is a high-tech company, which specialize in auto welding equipment and H-beam production line. The products are applied to construction industry, such as pressure vessel, oil and chemical, power station, heavy duty mechanical equipment, ship, steel structure equipment and we also can design special equipment according to clients' requirement. The products are sold at home and abroad, like southeastern Asia, Middle East, Europe and America etc. So far,we have established long-term cooperative relationships with many companies from united States, Canada, Middle East and Europe. Welding auxiliary machine include welding positioner and welding rotator.

Welding positioner

Welding positioner withe tilting and rotating function, which can make Work piece mounted on the worktable to ideal position for welding or assembling. Worktable rotating speed by VFD (inverter)to achieve satisfactory welding speed. For the reason of eccentric-distance and gravity-center-distance, longer work pieces and bigger gravity-center work pieces should choose large models. If standard welding positioner cannot meet the jobs, please contact us for special design. The rotary movement of welding positioner worktable is driven by DC motor. There are two ways to drive the tilting motion of CVT worktable: one is to drive the worktable to tilt through sector gear after the motor is decelerated by reducer, or to tilt the worktable through screw pair. The other is to use hydraulic cylinder to directly push the table to tilt. These two kinds of driving methods are applied, and the motor drive is more common in the small welding positioner. The tilt speed of the worktable is mostly constant, but the corresponding displacement machine used for space curve welding and space surface surfacing welding, is stepless speed regulation. In addition, in the control loop of the driving system, there should be stroke protection, overload protection, power off protection and the table tilt Angle indication function. The rotary movement of the worktable should have a wide range of speed regulation, the speed regulation ratio of the domestic positioner is generally about 1:33; Foreign products are generally 1:40, some even 1:200.When the table rotates, the speed shall be steady and uniform, and the fluctuation of speed under the maximum load shall not exceed 5%.In addition, when the table is tilted, especially upward tilt, the movement should be free, even under the maximum load, should not produce jitter.

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